The reward section is currently integrated with quests, and settings can be configured within the quest management.

For large events such as prize giveaways, DeGame has set up a reward feature for users.

On the reward manage page, click the 'create' button in the top right corner to start editing your reward.

How to Reward

  • Reward: Rewards support Pomelo, Token, NFT, Custom, and Discord role types.

  • Pomelo: This is the latest reward introduced by DeGame in the new version launch. The reward empowerment will continue to be updated.

  • Discord role: You can view the channel and send messages after creating the Role.

  • Token: The token supports customization, just upload the logo and name of the Token.

  • NFT: Choose between DeGame's default contract or Custom.

  • DeGame Default Contract: Mint NFTs on Scroll and Altlayer and AltLayer Zero Gas Network now, with more networks coming soon.

  • Custom: Custom fit whitelists, blind boxes, and other rewards.

Method type

  • Method: The reward distribution method supports raffle, ranking, custom, and FCFS.

  1. Raffle: DeGame system will randomly select users based on the number of prizes.

  2. Ranking: Currently the ranking will be calculated based on user invitations.

  3. Custom: Rewards are freely distributed by you.

  4. FCFS: Rewards are allocated on a first come first served basis.

Winner & Per winner

  • Winner: The winner determines the number of winners.

  • Per winner: Rewards support random allocation and flat-rate distribution.

  • Address: Support for user submission of EVM and Sonala addresses, or other addresses.


To create a reward, choose any of the following five requirements and add them.


You need to fill in the basic information about the reward such as title, description, and schedule.

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