Ⅲ. How to replicate thriving communities quickly?

By exploring the community, users can discover more innovative and novel quests. If they come across a quest they like, they can simply copy the quest's link and paste it into their community. This method makes quest sharing and reuse more convenient, allowing administrators to easily gather inspiration and excellent quest setups from other communities and apply them to their own. This optimization makes quest discovery and sharing easier, fostering community interaction and collaboration.

Next, return to the quest management section and click the "import" button in the top right corner. Enter the quest link to quickly generate the quest and add it to the quest list. This optimization simplifies importing quests, as administrators only need to copy and paste the quest link, and the system will automatically generate the corresponding quest. This convenience allows administrators to easily import quests from other communities and use them within their community.

Administrators can customize and enhance quest content, and publish and manage quests more easily. This flexible process allows for personalized adjustments and ensures comprehensive functionality. Once satisfied, quests can be effortlessly published, enabling community members to participate and improving community engagement.

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