Quest: Create Content

Quest Objective: Guide users to create content for the community.

Quest setup steps:

Category: Image

  1. Title: Design a poster for XXX (or customize the title)

  2. Description: Enter quest details and annotations.

  3. Icon: You can choose to customize the quest logo, and if no logo is uploaded, the system logo will be displayed automatically.

  4. Recurrence: You can choose Once/Daily/Weekly/Monthly.

  5. Reward: For Rewards Distribution, you can choose between "Fixed" or "Random" and enter the desired value for contribution points (recommended range: 50-100CP)

  6. Pre-Quests: You can choose whether to require users to complete the previous quest before unlocking the current quest (or leave this option unset).

  7. Maxclaims: Limit the number of people eligible to claim.

  8. Tag: Distinguish the quest types.

Template Reference:

Category: Image

Title: Design a poster for XXX

Description: Design XXXX promotional poster

Icon: No logo uploaded

Recurrence: Once

Rewards Distribution: fixed

Contribution Points: 100CP

Pre-Quests: None

Maxclaims: None

Tag: Create tag

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