The quest board is how you differentiate yourself on DeGame Community. It's where and how you make it possible for your amazing community to engage and provide actual value.


  • Create some quests that members can complete easily. Once they started with one they are more likely to do more.
  • Use our conditions to set up sequences from easy to difficult so that the users are not overwhelmed with options when they first arrive.
  • Give rewards in proportion to the value they provide! The better the rewards the more people you will attract to your community.


The daily quests are reset at 12 pm UTC time. So it doesn't matter when during the previous day the contributor completed their quest, they will all be able to do it at the same time.
The weekly quests reset every week on Monday.
The monthly quests reset on the 1st of every month.

Quest Category

Quest Category
There are a total of 13 quest categories available. Quest covers multiple channels and will continue to add new content.
If you have better ideas, you can also feedback to DeGame, let's make progress together!

Quest Settings

  • Import: When you spot some bright quest in another community, you can choose to copy it to your own community as a template. Just click the 'import' button in the top right corner and copy the request URL to quickly add the request to your community!
lmport Quest
  • Icon: You can customize the quest icon! Just need to provide PNG, JPG, and JEPG. MAX 5Mb. (1:1 Portrait)
  • Rewards: You can set if the CP rewards are distributed fixedly and randomly. Randomly distributed rewards have a set of minimum and maximum points that you need to fill in.
Distribution Quest
You can set the Contribution Point yourselves. And here are some default numbers for reference.
Fixed Setting
Random Setting
  • Pre-Quests: After you have set up a few quests, you can set those quests as the premise of certain tasks. The Quest will only be claimable for members who completed the following quests. This is optional, which all depends on your need.
Pre-Quests Sample
  • Maxclaims: You can set the maximum claim here, So there would be limited users who can claim the CP in this task. This is optional, which all depends on your need.
Maxclaims Sample